Our Classes

Our Classes


We have a fun year planned for your child! Throughout the year, we will help your child grow and learn through many different activities! We will be working on our fine motor skills by using scissors, markers, paints and crayons! For hand-eye coordination, we will string beads, build with blocks, use our peg boards and explore in our sand table.

We will be working on expanding our literacy skills through storytelling, journal writing, name recognition, and language charts. We will be practicing self-help skills such as putting our coats and shoes on, zipping and snapping buttons and zippers, and using the bathroom.

The Busy Bees will have many opportunities to be exposed to letters, numbers, colors and shapes, through various games and activities in our classroom. While it may look like we are just playing, there is some serious learning going on!


Our community based Pre-Kindergarten program here at Kiddie Corner, we will help build a foundation for your child to embrace lifelong learning. We provide your pre-schooler with a wide range of enriching activities that will not only prepare your child for Kindergarten, but prepare them for a strong academic career. Our small setting in a very secure environment gives our students the individual attention they require in this very important stage of their development! Our teachers provide many opportunities for the children to explore a wide variety of centers in science, math, computer skills, dramatic play, blocks, puzzles, creative arts, music, and most importantly literacy!

Kiddie Corner has adopted the Houghton-Mifflin curriculum. This wonderful program includes a comprehensive, age appropriate curriculum that incorporates literacy in all aspects of learning. It offers a wide range of enriching activities to meet the needs of each child and build a strong foundation of skills that they will need to succeed! Your child’s progress will be assessed frequently throughout the year so that we can learn where their strengths and weaknesses are, which will help us better prepare them for Kindergarten!


Kiddie Corner offers care for your school-aged child if they are enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten. This care is available before and after school, days off from school (including those unexpected snow days), and summer vacation. If you are interested in this care, please see Anne so that you can get the paperwork on our school-aged program.